I-300 Public Hearing Demonstrates Demand for Social Consumption Venues in Denver!

I-300 Campaign Challenges City and State Rules that Frustrate the Intent of the Voter-Approved Initiative.

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The I-300 campaign thanks all of our supporters and community members who signed our letter and showed up to the public hearing on June 13. Nearly 400 supporters signed our letter which was hand delivered to the Licensing Director at the hearing. We are waiting for an update from city officials about the future of the initiative and the final rules. As you know, our campaign has faced incredible resistance and hesitation from rule-makers and influence by special interest groups that oppose social cannabis consumption. One of the biggest challenges we face, which frustrates the intent of the initiative, is the Liquor Enforcement Rule that prohibits cannabis consumption on any liquor licensed establishment or their premises, at any time, under any circumstances (even with city approval), and even at times when alcohol is not being served. In addition, the city’s proposed rules drastically extend the prohibition on dual consumption so that I-300 permits cannot even be issued at special events, or on the “same parcel of land” with other licensed establishments, which jeopardizes the opportunity for most multi-unit buildings such as mini-malls or shared complexes, where dispensaries or liquor licensed establishments could be located.

Read About the Public Hearing and I-300 Rules in the Denver Post:

Emmett Reistroffer, campaign director for Initiative 300 and a member of the city’s Social Consumption Advisory Committee, said “99 percent” of business people who were interested in applying for a social consumption license are “no longer interested” because the proposed rules are too restrictive.

“When I read the rules today, we can’t even get off the ground,” Reistroffer said.

Entrepreneurs will not spend thousands of dollars on clean-air systems, walled patios and security measures, among other potential expenses, when the potential for profit is questionable: “For what, to sell a cup of coffee?” Reistroffer asked.

Help us stand up for the rights of cannabis consumers and responsible businesses that should be able to permit designated consumption areas under voter-approved, Amendment 64 and Initiative 300 – Please help us fight state and city rule-making overreach!

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Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program: Panel Discussion & Public Forum

Wednesday January 11, 2017 at Vicente Sederberg LLC in Denver.

The public forum was meant to serve neighborhood organizations and the business community by providing information and guidance to responsibly implement the cannabis consumption pilot program. Some discussion topics included: responsible cannabis consumption, staff training, odor control and mitigation, and the City’s upcoming “Social Consumption Advisory Committee”. The event is free and open to the public. The forum was broadcasted live on YouTube and Facebook.

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In the News: The Denver Post Endorses Yes on 300!

Reasonable test of social pot use


Yes on 300 – The Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program

Designed with both cannabis consumers & Denver communities in mind, Initiative 300 (the proposed initiative of the Yes on 300 campaign) is a pilot program that aims to create private areas for adults 21+ to consume cannabis socially.

In Denver we’ve legalized the purchase and possession of cannabis for adults but have not provided them with a safe and private place to consume it away from city sidewalks, parks and places where children congregate. The City of Denver Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program is a responsible approach to solving this problem that won’t remedy itself. It will provide designated spaces in certain City-permitted business establishments where adults 21 and over can consume cannabis in accordance with the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act and out of view of the public. The problem stems from the fact that many residents of Denver live in HOA or landlord-controlled properties that disallow cannabis use on the premises, while more than 70 million tourists come to Colorado each year, also with no place to go. This has led to a 500% increase in public consumption tickets issued in Denver since the passing of Amendment 64 in Colorado, with African-Ameri­­cans being arrested at a rate 2.6 times higher than whites.

To remedy this, the City of Denver Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program is designed to mutually serve the interests of both cannabis consumers and Denver neighborhoods by requiring a prospective permit holder to garner formal support from an eligible neighborhood organization prior to applying with the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses. To allow neighborhoods the ability to slowly step into this new territory, the proposed permits could be issued for a short duration of time, such as for a single event, allowing for a phased integration of this program that adjusts to current unknowns as they are realized and best practices are developed. Neighborhood organizations will have the ability to mandate certain restrictions on the businesses to ensure they operate in a manner that is most appropriate for the neighborhoods in which they operate, empowering neighborhoods to be part of the process and set high standards of responsibility for cannabis consumers and cannabis consumption permit holders. Ultimately this is a pilot program that will sunset in 2020 if not extended by city council or an additional voter initiative. Vote Yes on 300 and help give all adult Denver residents and visitors access to safe, legal spaces to use cannabis.


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