Business Letter of Support for ‘Yes on 300’

We, the undersigned, declare our support for the Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program, facilitated by the Denver Neighborhood-Supported Social Consumption Committee and crafted through diverse collaboration of civic leaders, neighborhood organizations, businesses and residents in Denver. We believe this proposed ordinance is considerate of all stakeholder concerns and improves public safety by creating a safe and supervised place for individuals 21 and over to consume cannabis out of view of the public, in accordance with the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.

Understanding the dramatic increase in public consumption tickets issued in Denver since the legalization of cannabis, we support the creation of consumption areas within various business types to serve as a place for residents and tourists alike to consume cannabis out of public view and off of the streets. We support this neighborhood supported approach that obligates prospective business owners to engage in a dialogue with communities and eligible neighborhood organizations to ensure a operational fit that is right for each community and their unique needs.  We appreciate the fact that City Council and the Director of Excise and Licensing will have continued oversight and authority over this issue and that the ordinance is a pilot program, which will allow all involved to evolve this solution over time regarding this new endeavor.

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