Equilibria CBD Review: Company Details and Products of 2022

There’s a new player in the CBD game, and its name is Equilibria. This Chicago-based company has been shaking up the industry with its unique approach to CBD products since 2019. With a tagline of “CBD for women, by women,” you’ll immediately know that Equilibria CBD’s products are geared towards helping women benefit more from CBD.

In this brand review, we’ll discuss what makes Equilibria stand out from the competition and explore its wide range of innovative CBD products.

Company Details

To avoid CBD scammers, you have to know who the provider is and how much they value their products, and consumers’ safety and health.

Where Does Equilibria CBD Source Its Hemp?

The company sources its hemp in a fully-traceable 1,100-acre partner farm in Colorado. It ensures high-quality CBD products through organic farming practices, growing its hemp outdoors, hand-harvesting, and homogenizing its harvest for consistent results.

The company is also involved in the farming process, ensuring that its products are made with the utmost quality and care.

Does Equilibria CBD Third-Party Test Its Products?

Yes. The company ensures that every product undergoes third-party testing for optimal quality, as well as ensuring that they are 100% THC-free. The tests check for the presence of harmful pesticides, residual solvents, and heavy metals. They also look for possible traces of mycotoxins and pathogens like bacteria. All lab reports are publicly available on their website.

Contact Information

Equilibria CBD basically exists in every social media platform there is. You can also contact them through their website, It has its own support center on its website where users can ask about its products, order status, subscription, gift cards, careers, etc.

List of Pros

These are some of the positive aspects that make Equilibria CBD stand out:

  • Its CBD is sourced from organic hemp flowers only (no stalks, stems, seeds, or isolates);
  • All products underwent third-party testing to check their quality as well as THC content;
  • Packaging is discreet and sealed for freshness;
  • Users can get in touch with its in-house dosage specialists for help with their CBD dosage; and
  • It offers a great selection of products that suit any lifestyle and needs.

List of Cons

Of course, Equilibria CBD also has some disadvantages. Among these are:

  • Because the company is new to the CBD market, it may take some time for them to build consumer trust.
  • Its products are a bit costlier than other brands.

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Product Reviews

Let’s discuss some of the best CBD products Equilibria CBD has to offer.

CBD Daily Drops

Equilibria’s CBD Daily Drops come in two options — regular strength and extra strength. The regular strength contains 300mg of CBD, while the extra strength contains 15000mg of CBD. Both variants are available in two flavors:

  • Unflavored
  • Mint

Its Daily Drops is considered to be one of the best-selling products of the company. Using it can help boost your mood and reduce your stress levels. It can also help improve your focus immediately. Compared to other CBD drops, Equilibria’s is a bit pricier, though.

CBD Daily Gummies

These CBD Daily Gummies offer a discreet and delicious way of taking your CBD dosage. Each pineapple dragonfruit-flavored CBD gummy contains 10mg of full-spectrum CBD. Its onset of effects can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour, and its beneficial effects usually last for 4 up to 8 hours.

For experienced users, the CBD strength of 10mg may not be enough, so it’s recommended to take two gummies to get the full effect. These CBD gummies, compared to other brands, are also pretty expensive.

CBD Daily Softgels

One of the brand’s bestselling products is its CBD Daily Softgels, and you can choose between regular strength and extra strength. The regular strength contains 10mg of CBD, while the extra strength contains 25mg of CBD. Each bottle can either contain 30 or 60 pieces of softgels.

The product also offers the same health effects as the CBD Daily Drops. However, it’s slow-release, so its effects last longer. Similar to CBD Daily Gummies, the effects can last for about 4 to 8 hours. Overall, it’s good for an all-day balance.

Rapid Calming Melts

These 5mg minty, calming melts are an ideal as-needed addition to your daily CBD routine. These are mild and fast-acting, and they dissolve quickly under your tongue. Its onset time is within 5 to 15 minutes, and the effect can last up to 3 to 6 hours.

The calming effect is achieved by the synergistic interaction between CBD and mint.

CBD has been shown to have calming and relaxing effects on the body, while mint is known to have refreshing and cooling properties.

The two work together to create a calming effect that can be helpful in managing anxiety, stress, and tension.

The melts have the same unpleasant taste as with the daily drops, but they’re easily one of the brand’s bestsellers. Of the brand’s selection, this product might be the cheapest product you can buy at Equilibria, but it’s still relatively pricey compared to other brands.

CBD Relief Balm

A crowd favorite, especially among women, you can use CBD Relief Balm for local discomforts like muscle aches, cramps, joint pains, and general soreness. It’s not sticky and leaves no residue, and it is, without a doubt, also one of the brand’s bestsellers.

Each 1oz. jar contains a total of 500mg of CBD. In addition to coconut oil and shea butter, this topical balm also contains other ingredients like menthol, lavender, arnica, as well as rosemary. Just like the brand’s other CBD products, its relief balm can also be a bit pricey.

Price & Where to Buy

The price points of Equilibria’s CBD products differ, depending on the type of product. The CBD Daily Drops, for example, has a price point of $60 for a 30 mL bottle, while the CBD Rapid Calming Melts has a price point of $25 for a 60-pack.

Many reviews say that the products are relatively more expensive than other competitors, while some also say that the prices are reasonable for the effectiveness of each product.

You can purchase its CBD products from the official website,, or one of its authorized sellers. You can also buy wholesale from Equilibria to save some money.

Shipping & Returns

As of now, Equilibria cannot ship its products out of the country as current laws only allow shipping within the United States. As for the duration, Equilibria ensures that the orders leave its fulfillment center within 48 hours.

With regards to its return policy, it doesn’t issue refunds or returns unless the customer proved that the product had been damaged or lost during shipping. The complaint, alongside the proof of damaged or lost product, must be submitted within 7 days upon delivery.

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Final Equilibria Women CBD Review

Overall, Equilibria CBD is one of the best brands that you can trust. All of its products are third-party tested for quality and THC content. It has in-house dosage specialists to guide the users and a great product range that can cover all of your needs. The only downside may be the company’s relative newness and the relatively high price points.

Indeed, the company is gaining interest from CBD users, especially among women. With their organic farming practices and attention to detail — from the product itself to their packaging — quality is truly ensured. Their products are worth the try, so you should definitely check them out if you don’t mind the cost.

Have you purchased a CBD product from Equilibria CBD? Let us know your experience in the comment section below!

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